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CHAOS Casting News

I am very pleased to share that Paisley Media will produce the short film Chaos Management in 2015, and the lead could not have been easier to cast.  Qelsey Zeeper, represented by Kim Barsanti at Lucas Talent, will take on the role of Abigail, a woman with a unique skill set whose patience is tested in the early morning hours.

Qelsey Zeeper Head Shot

Qelsey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama, from the University of Alberta and has worked with acclaimed Director Bruce Sweeney, but that wasn’t what sold me on the Vancouver-based actor. She brings a physical and emotional presence to the part that screams “Abigail”, and I am not over-estimating how crucial that is to the success of the project.

Abigail is a physical character, without being physical. She has a presence that borders on cocky without crossing the line.  She’s good at what she does, and she knows it.  I want to put her in the hands of an actor that will not only physically embody the confidence that drives Abigail’s actions, but also brings an aura of self-awareness that is almost palpable. I know I have that in Qelsey Zeeper.

I first met Qelsey at Vancouver’s Cold Reading Series. She had an air of certainty when she walked into the room. To me, certainty is a product of passion for the craft. It’s that belief that no matter what, this is what you are meant to do. Certainty is something I value, and it’s something that drew me to casting her as Abigail.

I always believe that we write to relinquish, not to control. We create, then we release, and it’s the person we release the character to that breathes life into the words we put to paper. I might have created Abigail, but it’s Qelsey that will make her real, giving her expression, emotion, and that very human balance of strength and vulnerability.

I know that Qelsey will make Abigail live, and in doing so, will open up the character in ways I might not have considered. That’s the joy of making film. That’s the joy of finding the right collaborators. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the end result of our collaboration will be.

You can follow Qelsey Zeeper on Facebook and on Twitter @QelseyZeeper.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding Chaos Management as the crew fills in and pre-production continues.



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    • Perhaps we have a tiny mutual appreciation society happening here because I am grateful that you came aboard Qelsey, and very excited to create with you. Thank you.


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