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End of Year Thanks: 2014

Here we sit on the eve of a new year, a perfect time for reflection and thanks, and the first thing I think is, where the heck did 2014 go? The second thought; have I got a lot of people to thank for getting me through it.

I always start with the people I consider my mentors; Del and Theresa Weston and Pilar Allesandra. Pilar is the guiding light that helps me traverse those dark patches that every writer goes through, and boy, did I have a few of those. It was one of those years where I felt like I was waking up every other morning and thinking, I’m a hack and I should quit. Stories that once came easily, didn’t this year, and the struggle was difficult. Pilar kicked my butt and pushed me forward, and again, I find myself thanking her for that.

Del Weston is simply, “da man”. He is mentor, friend, and now my feature film producer for Dead Fest. Del gave me a home at the Action on Film (AOF) Int’l Film Festival, and gave me the freedom to grow into a role with the festival at my own pace. His wife, Theresa, is the rock that steadies the ship year after year. She is the Queen of details, and I don’t think the festival could run without her.

Together, Del and Theresa are selfless in their support of the people who come through their doors. The door remains open for me every year, and that has grounded me, and given me the strength to forge forward with my dreams. I cannot thank them enough.

I would like to thank so many people, and I know as I try to list them all, I might miss one or two. My apologies in advance. Come by my place, I’ll fill your glass, apologize, and toast you endlessly.

My thanks go out to (in no particular order):

  • Michelle Lamberson and Arne Toma. I have known these two longer than anyone. They have never ever wavered in their support. Even when I think I’m nuts, they don’t, or at least don’t tell me. Michelle is my go-to set photographer. Her work has graced this blog for several years now.
  • Marc Baker, the D.I.T. of all D.I.T.s. He’s the man I trust above all else with my footage.  And he’s the friend I know I can always rely on.
  • The Land of Deborah. Frequent collaborator doesn’t seem to say enough.  Her music brings soul to my work, and I’m forever grateful for our friendship and our collaborations.
  • Kim Barsanti and Brad Mellesmoan from Lucas Talent. Kim and Brad have great eyes for talent. When I need to cast a short or cast a reading, I go straight to them. I know I’m getting quality people.
  • Lisa Ovies, you beautiful dreamer you, how would I have gotten through this year without you? Lisa and I spent last Christmas Eve watching Star Wars together and we never looked back. When I needed a location for Hey You, it was Lisa that made it happen. She’s become a friend and collaborator, and her positive can-do attitude is infectious.
  • I run an event called, The Writers Room, and there’s a group of people who make me look far better for their involvement. To all the Head Writers of the 2014 event, thank you.
  • To the judges of the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Screenplay Competition, a huge thank you for joining our inaugural year. I’ve met some great people through the Board of Women in Film and Television Vancouver, including you.
  • Rebecca Hales, oh my how I miss you. This little dynamo makes my set run efficiently, and as she chases her own dreams as a television writer, I cannot help but miss her.
  • To the men and women of Prosecco Fridays, thank you. You are my Vancouver tribe, and I’m so blessed to have you.
  • Jeremy Leroux, friend and confidant. I know some very level headed people and you are most definitely one of them. I can bounce ideas off you, and you’ve always had a thoughtful response. Thank you.
  • Maxine Chadburn. Wow! What a talented young woman. I needed a dance and dancers for Hey You and there she was, ready to help right away. Keep an eye out for Max, you’ll be in awe of her as much as I am.
  • Rebecca Coleman, what a difference a year makes. On top of being my social media expert, you are one of my closest friends. Professionally, you are crucial, personally, indispensable. Thank you.
  • To my family, my father and my siblings. How did I get so lucky to have a family that didn’t tell me I was too much of a dreamer to actually make it. Instead, they said, go out and “make it”.
  • The “poker crew”. So many great people in this group, it’s mind-boggling. Supportive, creative, and down to earth. Love you all.

If I’ve missed anyone, I’m terribly sorry. Come by and have a drink. While you’re enjoying a little vino, I’ll be amending this post.

I hope everyone is as fortunate as I am to have good people in their world. And I hope that the New Year brings more of these people into your life.

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2015 be the year of your dreams.




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