Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 11, 2015

CHAOS News: Location Needed

We are ramping up efforts to produce Chaos Management this spring and need your help.

Logline:  An exhausted female professional deals with an early morning distraction in her own unique way.

What the logline doesn’t tell you is, that its heart, this is a “Hot Righteous Babe with a Weapon” story. I’ve written this character in various forms, and Chaos Management is my first attempt at bringing her to screen.

Abigail is strong, confident, self-assured, and very good at what she does. She knows it, too. Her space needs to reflect the life of someone who lives life well, and fully.

We MUST have a balcony or large window that opens to the outdoors, and it must be at least a second floor, but not too much higher than a telephone line.

The team has chatted about this, and we feel we need something that might resemble one of the following options:

  • A condominium with, preferably, a modern feel to it.
  • A warehouse or loft living space that has either an industrial or sleek motif.
  • A living space of any sort that shows the occupant is worldly and has traveled.

We need your help. We are a low budget production and let’s be honest, if at all possible, we’d love the space for free. This is a one day shoot with a minimal crew. Both I, and my fellow producer, Tijana Popovic, are very respectful of the gift that this would be. We would take care of your home for the day like it’s our own.

If you, or a friend, or a friend’s friend, love to support indie filmmakers then we want to connect with you, your friend, and your friend’s friend. You get the message.

Thanks for thinking of us, and for any help you can give.



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