Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 5, 2015

CHAOS News: Composer On Board

Land of DeborahPhoto courtesy Michelle Lamberson. Taken on the set of Hey You.

I know this might not be a surprise to most, but I never take for granted the gift of someone’s talent. I’m very pleased to share that The Land of Deborah is aboard as Composer for Chaos Management.

Deborah and I have collaborated on every project I’ve made, but with her own schedule so jam packed, I would never assume that she would sign on for yet another.

What makes working with Deborah such a dream for me is our communication level. In a nutshell, “she gets me”. She understands my tastes, my sense of humour, my intentions.  We have the same goals, and the same commitment to integrity of effort.

What makes The Land of Deborah so special is her intelligence, and sensibility. You listen to Deborah’s own compositions and you can hear the authenticity jump at you. She knows who she is, and what she wants to say. However, she doesn’t push that on her film composition. Deborah has the ability to write music for any kind of production. You can ask for any genre, or generation, and she’ll make it happen. She really is that good.

I know my production is in safe hands with her. Her music makes my films better.


The latest video by The Land of Deborah, directed by yours truly.






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