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VIWIFF 2015 Screenplay Competition

WIFTV Film Festival, aka, VIWIFF 2014

It’s been a long few months at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Screenplay Competition made shorter by the participation of generous volunteers and the submission of some fantastic screenplays. We were delighted to see entrants from countries including Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, and of course Canada.

This is the first year that the screenplay competition was brought in line with the philosophy of the Film Festival; bringing the best that the world has to offer in films spearheaded by women.  This is a space to celebrate the collaborative process; where story-telling and the practice of craft intersect to create content that moves, inspires, and entertains.

The process was adjudicated by some amazing people. My thanks go out to Angela Crosato, Rebecca Hales, Bill Hurst, Joyce Thierry Llewellyn, Nisha Shankar, and Kelly Tatham. Without them, this event could not have happened.

Every great film starts with a well-crafted screenplay and these women certainly know how to do that. Congratulations to the top ten OFFICIAL SELECTIONS to the 2015 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Screenplay Competition.

BEST SERVED COLD – Mary Krell-Oishi
DUST TO DUST – Beverly Shapiro
FURY RISING – Sheri Davenport
JAGGED WINTER – Danishka Esterhazy
LIL SURFER GIRL – Lena Rudnick
MIA AND THE MOVIE STAR – Sheri Davenport
REHAB CABIN – Kate Beacom
THE COURTESAN – Marjory Kaptanoglu



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