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VIWIFF 2015: Short Films

The Vancouver International Women in Film Festival is screening some great short films at this year’s festival, scheduled for March 4th to March 8th at the Vancity Theatre.

What I love about the way VIWIFF schedules their shorts is the diversity of films. It’s far more interesting for me to see a variety of genres and topics in a block. It keeps my interest from start to finish, and feels like the time has passed in a nanosecond.

Some of my personal favorites at this year’s festival include:

  • Juliette: Made by French filmmaker Maud Lazzerini. There’s so much going on in this film, I don’t know where to start. The highlight has to be a performance by burlesque star, Dirty Martini. I’m expecting great things from Maud in the future.
  • The Timekeeper: A beautifully crafted film written by fellow Cold Reading Series contributor, Cookie Boyle. I knew when this was read as a finalist for the Vancouver Hot Shots competition it had to be the winner, hands down. It was that good on the page.
  • Jaya: A wonderful story set in the Mumbai slums about a young girl who survives by pretending to be a boy.
  • Skin: An insightful piece that will play with your perceptions of the roles people play when sex is involved.
  • Entrain: Loved this film about the unifying influence of music.
  • Bed Bugs: A Musical Love Story: Who doesn’t love a musical featuring blood-sucking puppets? This one’s had a well-deserved strong festival run.
  • Royal Migration: The best animation short I’ve seen in a very long time. I love this film!

There’s a ton of other films I could name, but no one likes a long blog post. Please check out the PAGE that lists the films, and take a look at how good this is going to be.

See you at the theatre!

WIFTV Film Festival, aka, VIWIFF 2014



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