Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 27, 2015

Week in Review

I’ve never done a week in review, but this week feels different. There are changes afoot, steps taken, and minor hurdles cleared. It sounds cliché but it’s all true.  There was something different about this week, or perhaps, there’s something different about me.

What makes this journey hard is that it steals the innocence of film from you. We are taught to critique in order to learn, to see film and story as a graph of acts, obstacles, and character tells. To make film, is to risk losing that childhood glee at the thought of a bucket of popcorn, and few hours spent peering over the shoulder of someone taller than you. Well, at least taller than me, which isn’t hard.

But this past week has been filled with small moments that have forced me to step back and appreciate this place I find myself in.

What has happened?

  • I found a location for my short film, CHAOS Management.
  • Immediately after, someone came aboard offering their space as a holding area for cast and crew.
  • I received two lovely emails in the last week or so. One told me I had passion and talent. Another from someone who said they would like to work with me. That’s the second time in a month someone has approached me regarding working together. When it comes from people you respect, it’s a little mind-blowing.
  • Several people informed me they go to my Facebook page regularly because they find the material I post always helpful and interesting. They never comment, they just read. It was gratifying to know that I’ve been able to curate articles that are interesting, and provide useful information. That’s why I choose the material I post. I guess it’s working.
  • I’m putting together sides for my feature film, Dead Fest. That’s when it hit me, I’m making a feature film. Honestly, me, a feature.

To a lot of people this might seem small, but for me, this is all huge. I started taking writing seriously in 2007. That was the year I sought out Pilar Alessandra at On The Page. Since then, I’ve written nine feature screenplays, nine short scripts, written one original episodic pilot, made two music videos, am about to shoot my third short film, and I’m prepping for my first feature. I didn’t go to film school. I found mentors like Pilar and Del Weston at the Action on Film International Film Festival. Making film has been my film school. I’ll admit, its been a little exhausting.

I often feel I fly under the radar, taking one step at a time in relative obscurity. This week, I didn’t step, I leaped. This week, I didn’t feel like a ghost hovering about the local film community. Through the kind words of others, I felt noticed.

Everyone should have a week like this. I gratefully look forward to more.

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