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Filmmaker on the Rise: Aaron Kurmey

Aaron Kurmey

I first met Aaron Kurmey of Rambunxious Entertainment at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Pasadena in 2012. We shared a table at the closing night Awards Show, and I knew then and there this was a filmmaker to keep an eye on. I would suggest, you should too.

He was in his early twenties, sitting with the woman who would be his fiance, defiant, bold, sweet, passionate, and a man who knew he was on to something. Guess what, so did I.

Aaron and his two closest friends formed Rambunxious Entertainment in Lethbridge, Alberta. Kevin Johnson and Aaron Kurmey first met in grade six. They hated each other, but bonded over a childhood love of making film with a camcorder. Ryan Hatt would join the circle during their high school years when they worked together at an IGA grocery store.  They would go on to create what is truly a guerrilla filmmaking company that has enough energy to fuel a multiplex theatre.

When I met Aaron, he was at the festival with his second feature film, Battle EarthBattle Earth was a second edit film. The first version edit was lost when a hard drive crashed and there was no back up to turn to. What did Aaron, Kevin and Ryan do? They filmed a second, better version over a long weekend, using the props and equipment they still had on hand. They produced a finished film in two months, sent out a trailer to distributors, and by the time they got to Action on Film, had a contact willing to talk to them. They walked out of the festival with a deal with MultiVisionnaire Pictures.

Yes, you heard that right, a film made over a long weekend for approximately $7000 was picked up for international sales and a DVD release. These guys hit a home run on their second feature, and turned a profit.

Battle Earth DVD

This company, and these friends, are on the verge of releasing their third feature film. Thousand Yard Stare is their latest passion project which they filmed in their new home base of Edmonton, Alberta. With the profits from Battle Earth padding a bigger budget, and with a mind-set of a true film collective, Aaron, Ryan and Kevin are excited to share their story about an American soldier suffering from PTSD who flashes backwards and forwards through time after surviving the defeat of the American army at Kasserine Pass during WWII.

When I say true collective, I mean it. These guys share a house, and share all the jobs on the film. They wake up in the morning and ask themselves what has to be done, and they do it. Who’s on the rewrite this morning? They’ll work it out. They need a jib for tomorrow? No problem, someone will build it. This is who they are, and this is how they make film; irregular in their structure, and enough motivation to burn. They’re the epitome of guerrilla filmmakers, and this is why they’ll be successful.

When I met Aaron Kurmey I was amazed by his drive. Now that I know the story of Rambunxious Entertainment, I’m impressed by the work ethic of all three of the  company’s principals; Aaron Kurmey, Ryan Hatt and Kevin Johnson. These guys aren’t just talking about making film, they’re doing it. At twenty-five, Aaron turned a profit on his second feature and is on the verge of releasing his third.

If that doesn’t impress the heck out of you, I don’t think anything will.

Look for Thousand Yard Stare at a festival near you in 2015.

1000 Yard Stare



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