Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 10, 2015

The Real Thing

A cool bear

There’s no substitute for the real thing; real people, making real contact, in a real environment. I think sometimes we forget that. After all, isn’t it great that my LinkedIn profile has over five hundred connections, my Facebook page has over a thousand “Friends” and my Twitter feed adds new followers every day? (That’s not actually me, but I like to pretend I’m that popular.)

I was recently reminded about the importance of true connection this week as I met over a great espresso and caught up with someone I worked with three year’s ago. We had both changed, been changed, by our struggles and experiences over these last few years. We were in a great space as we chatted about where we were going and what was important to us. And yes, we agreed to work together again.

We live in a crazy, antiseptic, shallow world where we’re judged on how funny we are in one hundred and forty characters, what petitions we champion, and how many “friends” we have, but here’s the thing, it all pales in comparison to just one meaningful connection. I’m not joking; one real person trumps it all. Science proves it. We have a physiological response to connecting with a person in real time, in the real world. We don’t respond the same way when interaction goes through a digital interface.

What does that mean? Put down the laptop, and step away from the computer. Meet a friend on a patio and feel the sun on your face (unless you’re in Ontario where you should feel the florescent lamps of the coffee shop because the patio isn’t open yet). Have a conversation, a real conversation, that doesn’t have lag times for typing. Talk, laugh, listen, but most of all INTERACT.

I can’t say it enough, we’re social beings. This weekend, get out there and be social. Be all your glorious, funny, enchanting, charismatic, YOU.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check my analytics to see how popular I am. Be honest, how friendly or fun does that sound?!?!?!?



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