Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 19, 2015

Screenwriting Awards at NOVA Film Fest

NOVA Del Award

Great screenwriting news from this week’s inaugural Northern Virginia (NOVA) International Film Festival.  The Awards were given out on Saturday April 18th, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

The competition is always tough at a good festival, and if you’ve taken a look at the NOVA Film Festival website, you know this is a good one.

While our Music Video, Hey You, didn’t advance beyond its nomination for Best Music Video, my two nominated screenplays fared better.


  • Winner, Best Comedy (under 20 pages) – Meet The Twittersons
  • Runner-Up, Best Thriller (over 20 pages) – Birthday Blues


I have a soft spot for both these screenplays, and I love the fact they were successful even though they are completely different genres. I wrote both pieces convinced that branded sponsorship, and cross-pollinating platforms will be a big part of the future of content creation, and that might be one of the few things they have in common.  The other? I had earlier drafts read at The Cold Reading Series in Vancouver.

My hope is that one day I’ll be sharing both these screenplays on a screen, whether it’s online or  in a theatre.

Thank you to NOVA Film Festival for the support, and the pat on the back. It means a lot to know someone else sees the potential in these screenplays besides my friends, my family… and me.


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