Posted by: michellemuldoon | April 21, 2015

CHAOS News: Make-Up Artist Hayley Miller


I am very pleased to announce that Film and Television Make-Up artist Hayley Miller has joined the crew for my latest short film, CHAOS Management.

Hayley brings twenty years of award-winning experience in the industry to our set. How much experience? She was the 2004 Leo Award winner for Murder Unveiled. She just wrapped a Nickelodeon film called Suckers, and is about to begin work on a Lionsgate feature film, The Woods.

What I love about Hayley is how she stands up for what she believes in. Hayley is a big proponent of healthy living and the environment. She champions the use of safer, alternative products that look and feel better for her clients.

What has Hayley done to make sure she can take care of her cast this way? Well, she’s earned a certificate from UCLA for “Skincare Ingredients for Cosmetic Professionals”, a certificate from the Canadian Institute of Holistic Medicine for “Nutrition Through the Lifespan”, and an introductory certificate from the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage.

For me, as a filmmaker, it’s reassuring to know that I have a make-up artist who cares about the well-being of my cast so much that she’ll make the time to advance her knowledge of holistic benefits for make-up clients.

Hayley and I agree on several philosophical points, that make-up is a big part of helping the actor get into character and, in many cases, the creativity of the application is a character unto itself.  Make-up, like sound, and music, bring depth to the production, and yet never seems to get the focus that it deserves.

Hayley Miller was the make-up artist on Pocket of Heaven, and I’m very happy that she’s joining us on CHAOS Management.



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