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CHAOS News: Meet Our DoP

DoP Kenneth Lau and Focus Puller Marcus FungDirector of Photography, Kenneth Lau. Focus Puller Marcus Fung. Photo taken by Michelle Lamberson.

Four weeks ago we shot Chaos Management with the expert technical guidance of Director of Photography, Kenneth Lau.

Kenneth reached out to me back in December of 2014 regarding my announcement that I had cast the lead role and was entering pre-production on the short film.  Kenneth was open, enthusiastic, and keen to be involved. About a month before we shot the short, Kenneth and I had some very specific email conversations that convinced me he was the right choice for Director of Photography for the film.

What I appreciate about working with Kenneth was that he gave me options. He not only suggested multiple ways to shoot the film, but also was cognizant that there had to be options that fit the budget, which in my case is always limited.  I am not one to wade through mounds of funding applications and then wait to see if I receive funds in order to film. I finance myself, and Kenneth was mindful of that from the get-go.

Kenneth presented options across the spectrum from steady-cam to hand-held, and in the end, we chose shooting hand-held together. It was a collaborative decision-making process. From there, Kenneth brought a focus puller and gaffer on board within three days, and before I knew it, the crew was shaping up nicely.

The day we shot was a breeze; smooth as silk you might say. It was a total team effort. You’ve already met a number of people on that team. Stay tuned to meet a few more.

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