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CHAOS Update: Sound Designer Kevin B. Barron

Kevin Barron

I am pleased to share that Chaos Management is in the hands of expert Sound Designer Kevin B. Barron. I met Kevin through our editor, Mauri Bernstein and have heard rave reviews about his work through mutual contacts, but for some odd reason, this is the first time we’re working together. I have to say, this was long overdue.

Kevin began his career in Los Angeles as an assistant editor on such classics as Missing in Action 3 with Chuck Norris but went on to work on critically acclaimed projects like Dances with Wolves and Moonlighting.  In 1996 he moved over to Warner Brothers Television where he worked on a variety of programs that garnered him several Emmy Awards. You might know of a few of them: ER, The West Wing, and Malcolm in the Middle.

Kevin has a real affinity for sound and the transition from the visual to the auditory began with his work with Padraig Duffy, Patrick Duffy’s son.  Kevin likes to talk about that first eye-opening experience where he could see his sound work affect an audience. Rats scurrying across a floor would freak anyone out, and that’s exactly the response he created. It was a gratifying entry into a career in sound design.

When we talked about sound, and how he looks at it, I was struck by how Kevin sees sound design as a balance between the creative and the practical. “The practical” refers to the “fix it in post” mentality that can come with not taking due diligence and care in sound recording during principal photography. If sounds and dialogue are well recorded then the sound designer has more room to create a lush audible layer to the film.

And lush sound design is what Kevin is all about. He sees sound as a layering of believability to the story.  It’s the details of sound that make the cinematic world real to the audience and encourages them to suspend their belief.  One of my favorite quotes from Kevin is, “No one leaves a theatre humming a two shot.” That shows exactly how committed he is to the power of sound design.

Kevin find a great deal of pleasure seeing an audience drawn into the world of the movie through his sound. That level of passion for his work is what made me choose Kevin B. Barron as our sound designer. It’s been a fantastic experience collaborating with Kevin. I wish I’d done it sooner.

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