Posted by: michellemuldoon | July 17, 2015

CHAOS Update: Krista Lomax Graphic Design

Graphic Design Artist Krista Lomax

Chaos Management is coming together thanks to the contributions of a variety of talented individuals. I am so very pleased to share that one of them is Krista Lomax, a graphics designer who is making our closing credits a story unto itself.

Krista came to the project through one of my online advertisements looking for assistance, and I have to say, it was one of the most fortuitous emails I’ve ever received.  She runs The Lomax Institute of Moving Media, and brings a huge wealth of experience and knowledge to the project.

I’ve never had graphics added to the closing credits on a film before. It not only reinforces the story, but adds another element to it. In a three minute short, with forty-five seconds of closing credits, it’s hard to avoid feeling like you have two plus minutes of story followed by a dry forty-five seconds. Not this time. This time, we have a full three minutes of entertainment and that’s because of Krista’s creativity and talent. Not only did she come up with a wonderful solution but the collaborative process was so easy that getting to the final creation happened so quickly that I was surprised it was over. We started, and before I knew it, we were done.

You might not realize it, but you’ve been watching Krista’s work for quite some time. Her resume includes television programs like About A Girl, Witches of East End, and Dark Matter.  I’m gobsmacked that Chaos Management is keeping this kind of company!

Please check out The Lomax Institute of Moving Media and Krista Lomax’s IMDB page to learn more about her work.  She is not only a truly talented woman, but an incredible collaborator. We are beyond lucky to have her on the film.



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