Posted by: michellemuldoon | August 25, 2015

CHAOS: AOF Screening

Action On Film 2015 Official Selection

Last night it became official; Chaos Management has begun its Film Festival run with a screening at the 2015 Action On Film (AOF) International Film Festival in Monrovia, California.

I’m very proud and appreciative of everyone’s efforts. Regardless of the length of a short film, it’s still a ton of work to get to the stage of submitting to Film Festivals. With the emergence of affordable digital cameras, editing suites and online writing programs, the amount of content now being submitted to festivals is overwhelming.

AOF has nurtured me and my filmmaking dreams and I am equally appreciative of their ongoing faith in my filmmaking journey. Thank you to Theresa and Del Weston for their unwavering belief that this writer will continue to hone and build on her filmmaking abilities if just given a chance.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area at the end of September, please feel free to come by the Krikorian Theatre. I’ll be there, and so will the efforts of Team Chaos!

Team Chaos Management is:
Starring: Qelsey Zeeper
Director: Michelle Muldoon
Writer: Michelle Muldoon
Executive Producer: Michelle Lamberson, Michelle Muldoon, Arne Toma
Producer: Frances Flanagan, Michelle Muldoon, Tijana Popovic
Associate Producers: Elena Butler, Jon Gale, Wendy D
Composer: The Land of Deborah
Director of Photography: Kenneth Lau
Editor: Mauri Bernstein
Motion Graphics Design: Krista Lomax
Production Manager: Tijana Popovic
Set Designer: Krista Lomax
Set Decorator: Frances Flanagan, Tijana Popovic
Gaffer: Richard Macdonald
Sound Design: Kevin B. Barron
Colourist: Van Cooper
Sound Recordist: Eric St. Laurent
Voiceover Recordist: Nick Tyzio
1st Assistant Camera: Marcus Fung
Digital Imaging Technician: Marc Baker
Slate: Mirella Gibeau
Make-Up: Hayley Miller
Assistant Make-Up: Denee Noel
Props Master: John Prowse
Set Photographer: Michelle Lamberson

Special Thanks:
Mary Black, Barbara Ellison, Pam Fages, Keely Holt, Stevie Jackson, Robert Lawrie, Ray Lebel, Peggy Lees, Mark McAllister, Chris Morrison, Bronwen Smith


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