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Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival


On Friday, December 4th Amanda Burke, a fellow Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV) Board Member, and I will attend the Opening Gala of the Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival.  WIFTV and VTFF are community partners, and it’s a great honour to introduce the opening night film.

When the opportunity was presented to me, I jumped at it. We live in difficult times and it’s festivals like the VTFF that help shed a light on cultures we may not know much about. I believe that if we all saw each other as people, with the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life, then the world will be a happier, safer, and more loving place.

Film is the ideal medium to grow our understanding of each other. Story-telling is a part of human history and our evolution as a species. Stories bring the past to light, and help illuminate the path best taken for our futures. Festivals like the Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival are a part of that illumination process. It’s an important component in creating a more vibrant, and cohesive global community.

Women are a big part of this year’s festival with fourteen of the twenty-nine films being directed by women. The Gala film is “Not So Far Away” directed by Turkey’s most prolific actress, Turkan Soray.

I’m very proud to introduce this film, and the groundbreaking showcase of Turkish female talent. I hope you’ll support it, too.

Please check out the festival that runs from December 4 -7, 2015 at the Vancity Theatre.(information in the link)

Golden Horn Vancouver Turkish Film Festival Trailer


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