Posted by: michellemuldoon | December 17, 2015

Puppet Killer Happens

It’s true. What you’ve read in a number of horror blogs and a press release is absolutely true. We’re making a movie; a kick ass horror movie called, Puppet Killer.  I’m very lucky to be on the team that is bringing Lisa Ovies‘ vision to life.

Lisa loves horror films. It’s that simple. Puppet Killer is her brainchild, her passion, and her first feature film as a director. I’m lucky enough to be Lisa’s friend, and now one of her Executive Producers, and her Production Manager. Feeling like a winner all the way around!

I can’t say much about the film, I did sign an NDA after all, but I can tell you I am amazed at the people she has pulled together, and I am fortunate to be able to work with amazing talent. Jen and Sylvia Soska, aka The Twisted Twins, are both actors and producers on this shoot. They are Queens of Horror, and quite frankly two of the nicest people you could ever meet. The film has an amazing cast headlined by some familiar names; Aleks Paunovic of iZombie and the next installment of Planet of the Apes, Richard Harmon of The 100 and Continuum, and Lisa Durupt of the Murder She Baked series on Hallmark.

Oh, and there’s some little fuzzy pink dude named Simon. You can follow him on twitter @PuppetSimon.

These are the people I’m spending my Christmas with. A far better Christmas present than a chunk of coal, isn’t it?

Simon and Me (2)




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  2. Congratulations! A truly Merry Christmas indeed!

    • Yes… yes, it is. 🙂


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