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End of Year Thanks 2015

Happy New Year 2016

This has become a year-ending tradition on this blog; the “End of Year Thanks”. It’s fun and stressful to write because I’m always afraid that I’ll miss someone I should recognize. So, here’s my disclaimer; just because you aren’t in my blog post, doesn’t mean you aren’t in my heart.

This has been a year of highs and lows. Yes, I  know that’s the same as everyone else’s life but this is my blog so I get to pretend it makes me special, even if just for a brief moment.  The year included being hired to write pitch package material for a film pitched at Festival de Cannes, getting a feature film deal then losing it, being asked to write a feature screenplay and a short screenplay for local talent, putting Dead Fest on hold, making a short film, watching my fledgling screenplay competition for Women in Film and Television grow exponentially in year two, making some amazing friends, and drinking a lot of prosecco with some good, good, people. This is the basis for this year’s thanks.

Without much adieu, here’s a list in no particular order, of people who made 2015 memorable in so many ways:

  • Del and Theresa Weston; my friends, my mentors, my supporters. Where do I even start. We’ve been making The AOF (Action on Film Festival) Writers Room happen together for six years now. Because of you, I have a home festival and a film family. Because of you, I don’t give in to the down days, and take time to appreciate the good ones. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • AOF Writers. You came on this mad ride to create a community, and you never wavered in your commitment to each other and the concept that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. You are beautiful, giving, delightful people, and I thank you for another great season.
  • Prosecco Fridays; a group of creatives including Frances Flanagan, Jeremy Leroux, Paul Griggs, Mirella Gibeau, Stevie Jackson, Jane Avery, Barbara Ellison, Sarah Hedar, Shelley Janze, Wendy D, and Chris Morrison, amongst many others who float in and out of the group. We meet semi-regularly for a Prosecco or two on, you guessed it, a Friday. We celebrate, bitch, decompress, plan, and inspire each other. Without you all, I might feel just a little lost sometimes. Thank you for the outlet, the friendship, and the reason to attend local live theatre more often.
  • The Land of Deborah, how long has it been? Long enough to score every project I’ve made, share countless sushi dinners, and dream big dreams together. Thank you for your constant presence in my life.
  • Rebecca Coleman. Thank you for sharing food, wine, and all things Top Chef. You invited me to join the Brunchcouver ride, and while my waistline has suffered a little for it, the rest of me is grateful for all the fun, and great meals its brought into my life.
  • Nadia diMofte, and her very talented husband, Raresh. Thank you for inviting me into the Raindance Vancouver family. I know I’m going to love it.
  • Lisa Ovies, you have my back, and I have yours. We share a passion for film, and for getting shit done. And we do it while maintaining our core values. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful journey together. Thank you for sharing Puppet Killer with me, and for introducing me to Jen and Sylvia Soska. It’s heaven going to set and being around such strong, kick-ass women.
  • Marc Baker, always, Marc Baker. You have been on every one of my projects. You never waver in your support or the gift of your time and knowledge. Thank you for being such a stalwart friend.
  • Sarah Deakins, you ridiculously talented woman, you leave me in awe. Greece is a gorgeous act of filmmaking, but pales in comparison to how incredible a human being you are. Thank you for your friendship, your advice, and your trust.
  • Michelle Lamberson and Arne Toma. We’ve been friends longer than anyone else in my life. You have been there in my darkest days, and in my moments of celebration. Your home has been a sanctuary for this sport-a-holic nerd. You’ve not only supported my film journey, but even invested in my last one, Chaos Management.  And don’t get me started on the brilliance of Michelle’s photography, both birds, and film stills. Thank you for being my family, and my friends.
  • My family. We should all be so lucky to have siblings and parents who accept that some of us travel different paths than others. While they settled down and raised incredible, successful children, I chose something different, and they never judged me for it. Instead, they have encouraged it. Thank you for always understanding.

I know I might have missed people, and I’m sorry. Don’t be surprised if I come back a few times over the next couple of days and amend this list.

To everyone who has made this year possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait to share 2016 with you.



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