Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 4, 2016

VIWIFF 2016: Chaos Management

VIWIFF2016 Selection Laurels

My thanks go out to the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival for including Chaos Management in this year’s 70% Dark short film block. You can catch us on Friday, March 11th, at 4PM at the Vancity Theatre.

70%  Dark is a genre program and that’s pretty gosh darn exciting to be a part of. The other filmmakers in the block are an impressive bunch so excuse me if I’m a little awe-struck by our inclusion. For instance, you’ll find the latest from Karen Lam and Victoria Angell, two British Columbia filmmakers I admire a great deal.

What’s quite amazing about our inclusion is how simple our film is, and how lush some of the others are. With credits, we’re three minutes long, in one location, with one character, and the only dialogue is voice-over. As a writer, I like to believe that this means story was given at least equal weight to visuals. I can’t say I believe that’s always the case at a festival.

This is only the second time screening in my home town, with the first one happening four years ago. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity, more for the fact the cast and crew get to see their work on the big screen than for myself. It’s what we all hope for our projects, and now we, as a team, get to see it happen.

See you at the theatre!


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