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Raindance Screenwriting Workshop

Raindance Screenwriting

Last month I ran an “Introduction to Screenwriting” Workshop for Raindance Vancouver.  The feedback on the workshop is in and it looks like taking a practical approach to the material was just what the doctor ordered.

Before I share some of the responses, I’d like to take a moment to thank Nadia DiMofte for all her hard work. She has single-handedly put Raindance on the map in Vancouver. The Vancouver independent film community is tight knit. If you want to succeed as an organization in this city then you need someone who is active in the community, has a strong local presence, and supports the efforts of others. That description fits Nadia perfectly, and without her this workshop couldn’t have happened, let alone be a success.

The workshop was structured around the specifics of screenplay writing; light on the theory and heavily weighted to practical components such as dialogue, character introduction, scene direction and the four acts of the three act structure. Here’s what a few people had to say about taking a practical approach to a one day introduction to screenwriting.

Passionate, informative, organized, inclusive, clear, concise and captivating. Great communication, interaction, discussion and ability to field all kinds of questions while keeping the class on track. So glad I took this class. A wealth of information.

— M.E. Bond.

A very insightful day!

— S. Corazel

Michelle Muldoon taught us great foundations to embark on our script writing journey. I highly recommend attending this Raindance event and follow Michelle ~ you’ll be blessed.

— Z. Schultz

A thorough, stimulating, and at times provocative overview of screenwriting. A fun day of thought provoking ideas – a great workshop.

— M. Evans

Michelle, your passion for screenwriting shines through and is infectious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. I’ll be in touch for private mentoring. This workshop has been so useful and I’ve been left wanting more.

— Z. Pacheva

Thank you for making the process so clean and specific. I loved the examples of “real” films to help understand certain concepts better. Your energy and positivity were contagious.

— T. Gillis

This was my first workshop with Nadia DiMofte and Raindance Vancouver, and I don’t think it will be the last. Maybe you’ll consider joining us next time.

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