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Filmmaker to Watch: Maja Aro

Every once in a while I like to shine a spotlight on someone I know who is doing amazing things. This time it’s Maja Aro, one of the kindest, and most multi-talented people I know.

Maja Aro HS
You’ve watched Maja Aro work her magic time and again, and you don’t even know it. You’ve seen her thrown through glass windows, tumble out of buildings, and even fall off a bridge, yet you still wouldn’t know her if you passed her on the street. Maja is a stunt person, and not just any stunt person. She’s one of the best in the world at what she does.

If you’ve caught any of the locally shot American productions, chances are you know her work. Maja has performed her artistry on locally shot shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Killing, Fringe, and Arrow. And she has been the regular stunt double for both Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a Time.

An all-around athlete, Maja grew up immersed in sport and went on to compete professionally as a mountain biker and a downhill ski racer. It was a time where prize money for women was poor and making a go of it as a professional athlete was prohibitive. Mountain biking was in its infancy and women’s gear was non-existent. Tired of having to fabricate gear that would fit her, she decided to take matters into her own hands and enter fashion design school.

Hoods 1918

Just before she was to show at New York Fashion week, Maja met a group of stunt people who thought she was made for this kind of work. The design career became history, and the stunt work made history. Maja recently won the Stunt Warrior Award at the 2015 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, as well as earned a nomination in 2014 at the prestigious Taurus World Stunt Awards for her work on Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters .

Last December Maja won the M.P.P.I.A. Award at the Whistler Film Festival. She and her directing partner Sara Irvine-Erickson pitched the story of Hoods 1918, and won over a jury in a room filled with fellow filmmakers. The Award gives them the help they need to make the film.

“Hoods 1918” is a diesel punk mash-up of Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood. It’s the kind of project that will perfectly combine Maja’s design aesthetic, her sense of adventure and her love for the natural beauty of the Lower Mainland. The Once Upon a Time fans will love it!

I’ve watched the development of Hoods 1918 online through Facebook and Twitter and I think you should do the same. The designs, costumes, and props are all shaping up to be top quality with an attention to detail you rarely see in a short. It’s no surprise the pitch for this concept blew the audience away.

I love female driven re-imaginings of classic tales. This is my kind of movie. I have a feeling it will be yours too.

Hoods 1918

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