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Dear Protagonist: I Don’t Need to Like You

Write Characters Relatable.

Dear Protagonist,

I like you, I really do. I like you because I’m living with you twenty-four seven. You hang out all day with me; follow me to work, take walks on the beach and and yes, we sleep together. (You don’t even have the decency to make the morning coffee every once in a while, but that’s another discussion.) Yet with a foible or two, and against better judgement, I still like you.

That whole “Save the Cat” moment? It’s a little over-rated. Yes, it helps if the audience sees something in you they like but it isn’t necessary. I mean, let’s face it, trying to find that special something that everyone loves is a little crazy. Come on, that’s like obsessing over the cool girl gang in school and losing what makes you unique in the process.

What is necessary is that everyone relates to you; your dreams, ambitions, flaws and failings. They need to see something that they can latch on to, something that sings to a deep and protected part of their soul.

Liking you is so high school. Relating to you is universal. It’s the heart beat of what makes your story resonate. It’s what transcends your journey beyond the expected. Let the audience see your humanity, and they’ll follow you to “The End”.

So go ahead; open a door for a pregnant woman, save the cat in the tree, drop some coins in the homeless person’s hat. Do it and they’ll like you for now. Show the audience how bad your claustrophobia is. Struggle with the confines of suburban life as it suffocates your soul. Fear for your mortality as alcoholism steals everyone and everything you value. Do this, and you can be an experience they never shake free of.

Scream, fight, fall, cry; do it all, but don’t worry if they like you at your best. Worry if they relate to you at your worst. If they do, they’ll stay riveted to their seats to watch you rise like a phoenix.

Don’t worry about high school, dear protagonist. Worry about the world. For it’s there that an audience of greater magnitude awaits, and it’s there that tragedy will breed immortality on screen.


Your friend and Mamma,


PS: Would it hurt you to wash the dishes every once in a while?



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