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Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop


On February 4th I will be teaching another one day Introduction to Screenwriting Workshop for the good people at Raindance Vancouver. Why do I teach this course and why do I think it’s an excellent first step? Here’s why…

Writing something, anything, is easy; writing a good spec screenplay is hard. Like many people, I started out thinking it would be a piece of cake; read a couple of screenplays, buy the software, let the creative brilliance flow. But here’s the thing, it isn’t that easy. There are rules; do’s and don’t of formatting and story structure, for instance. There’s a craft to the page that speaks to every member of a film production team, and a creativity that speaks to every member of the cast.

My workshop is practical. It provides the participant with a concrete list of actionables that have to be a part of your screenplay. You walk out with a breakdown of what makes good structure, formatting, character introductions, dialogue and scene composition. It’s only one day so we go straight to the important points around these topics.

Is this going to turn you into Paul Haggis? No. Is this going to give you a great foundation to start you on the path to telling the stories you want to tell on screen? Yes.

Here’s what a couple of people have said about this workshop:

Passionate, informative, organized, inclusive, clear, concise and captivating. Great communication, interaction, discussion and ability to field all kinds of questions while keeping the class on track. So glad I took this class. A wealth of information.

— M.E. Bond

Thank you for making the process so clean and specific. I loved the examples of “real” films to help understand certain concepts better. Your energy and positivity were contagious.

— T. Gillis

If you are an actor wanting to tell your own stories, or a production team member wanting to understand more about the work you’re given to break down in pre-production, take this course.

After all, everyone wants their work to stand out in the crowd.



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