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Writer to Watch: Ellen Chauvet




There are people who say they support the Arts and then there are people who put their money, their heart, and their talent into supporting creativity. Ellen Chauvet is that person. Not only has she invested in two independent feature films but Ellen’s own work, When Darkness Falls, can be found in Kindle and Amazon’s Create Space.

I met Ellen Chauvet when we both joined the production team behind the independent feature film, Puppet Killer, now in post production. Ellen is an Executive Producer on the project, while I’m a member of the Production Team. I was impressed with her commitment to support the vision and passion of Director/Producer Lisa Ovies and as I got to know her better I understood that Ellen’s advocacy of independent film comes from her own passion for the creative journey.


(Ellen Chauvet and Anne Rice)

Ellen fell in love with the novels of Ann Rice as the Lestat stories reached the height of popularity. She drifted from the genre until a friend introduced her to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  What hooked her was the character Angel; a vampire that lives with the constant internal battle between good and evil. This would become the theme to Ellen’s own writing.

It’s a constant internal battle she sees in all of us.  Genre storytelling allows for the exploration of very human failings in a manner that allows for a wider spectrum of tests and revelations.

“When Darkness Falls” is the first of a book series called The Vampire Redemption Series. The story took shape as Ellen dealt with personal loss and health challenges. Once Ellen found her health and her footing, the journey to turn a rough first draft into a polished novel found solid ground, and set the foundation for what should be a three or four book series.

When Darkness Falls follows Lexie, a young woman who finds out she’s a vampire executioner in a long line of executioners.  She’s as human as her prey is inhuman, and her struggles are reflective of all of ours. This first book is set in Paris and southern France. The second in the series will take place in Scotland.

Ellen Chauvet is that rare creature; a person who is not only creative, but supports and nurtures creativity in others.

Get ahead of the curve and check out When Darkness Falls and fall in love with Ellen Chauvet like I did.



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