Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 26, 2017

Last Stand to Nowhere Update

Last Stand to Nowhere

(Jenn MacLean-Angus, Chelah Horsdal, Julie Lynn Mortensen as photographed by WendyD Photography)

It has been a while since I’ve blogged but as things are moving along, I thought it was time to share what the Last Stand Team has been up to.

We are now up and running on three social media platforms:

We’ve applied for financing through BravoFact and the Telus 100K program and this week, we will be on Indiegogo to crowdfund the film as well. There is no guarantees with funding agencies. The competition is tough so crowdfunding is absolutely necessary. It’s actually built into the budget for the funding agencies. We want to show them that we can partner to make top notch content.

Why go to all the trouble when we could just as easily make something less intricate? The answer is simple; Wonder Woman. If you follow me on twitter and instagram you’ve probably already noticed I love the latest incarnation of the Amazon Princess. It’s bold, strong, clear in its message and unapologetic about the power of the main character.  Wonder Woman is not clouded in romance, or having to prop up the male sidekick. (He does that very well on his own, thank you.) People are loving it, and I believe they will also love the women of Last Stand to Nowhere.

I hope you’ll follow us on our journey and see enough to convince you this is a project worthy of your support.

Our cast is stellar. Our crew is first class. And most of all, our timing is now.





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