Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 30, 2017

Last Stand Needs A Crowd

Making a film is always an ambitious act of creativity, but making a genre film, like a Western, is an ambitious act on steroids.

What makes a genre film so much tougher are the necessities like costumes, guns, bullets, safety personnel, a horse, and set decor. All these are issues on a regular film, but with genre you can’t rely on what you have or what’s in your cast’s closet. Genre is all about world building because the world does not exist around you.

We’re on Day 4 of our LAST STAND TO NOWHERE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. If you haven’t been through this process then let me tell you it’s tough. It’s tough asking people for money. It stretches your networking skills. It pushes your resiliency. All these lessons and I’m not even a week in.

Am I complaining? No. What I see in what we’ve accomplished so far is incredible generosity, kindness and, in the case of the fan art we’ve already received, incredible creativity.

It also reinforces exactly how much I want to make this film. It clarifies my vision for my characters and what I want for my team. And most of all, it has forced me beyond my comfort zone; past the self-financed, small crew mentality I’ve had and into one that dares to dream bigger and in technicolour.

I coached Senior Girls High School Volleyball for years and I always used to tell my teams that they needed to break their comfort zone and dare to find the greatness within; that comfort never equaled growth or the journey that would result in achieving their goals.

With Last Stand to Nowhere I’m breaking my comfort zone. I’m daring to create something on a grander scale. I have a dream that this is a stepping stone to something that exceeds the space it currently exists in.

When you give voice to a dream, it becomes a goal. Some incredibly talented people have joined the journey to make this goal happen. There’s more than enough room for you, too.

Please take a stand with us.. and support Last Stand to Nowhere.






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