Script Coverage

A great idea does not necessarily mean you have a great story. And a great story, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a great screenplay.

I provide coverage services on short screenplays, feature screenplays, and synopses.  My focus is on structure, story, character and yes, formatting. If you have specific needs please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Below you’ll find testimonials, and rates for services.  Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  Please place Script Coverage Query in the subject heading.



Michelle is incredibly perceptive, insightful, and honest. Her feedback on my script “Do we leave this here?” was absolutely spot on and helped tremendously. I was amazed with her ability to provide a much-needed outside perspective on the script while still staying akin to my sensibilities as a writer/director. Looking forward to working with her again on my next project!

Julia Hutchings, Writer/Director, Short Screenplay: Do We Leave This Here?

… you covered a script of mine called The Time of Killing – The feature length version and excerpts from it have won five awards in three countries … Thanks for your help!

James Freeman, Writer, Feature Screenplay: The Time of Killing

Michelle’s script coverage services have been invaluable to me. Her notes are firm but fair. She gets down to the heart of the matter in a clear concise manner and she never shies away from follow up questions. She is a passionate and knowledgeable writer. I have learned so many tips and formatting lessons from her feedback that I never managed to pick up in several books I have read on screenwriting. Plus she suggested reading some I hadn’t. She is the real deal. I will continue to seek her guidance in the future because I know I will get the straight goods given in a constructive manner that will only make my script and my overall craft better.

Jeremy Leroux, Writer, Feature Screenplay: Broken Open

Michelle, wow, your notes are amazing! I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtful feedback. We will set to work on incorporating it, and I know our script will be a lot better for it.

Alison Wandzura, Co-Writer,  Short Screenplay: Bad Ink

Michelle’s insights on the synopsis for my script Parallel was concise, to the point, and perfect. She found flaws I hadn’t even considered, and her notes helped me solve multiple problems and strengthened both the story and my own voice.

Richard Moon, Produced Writer, Feature Screenplay Synopsis: Parallel

Bonnie Gibson and I thank Michelle for all her formatting and proofing on our feature screenplay, Dragonfly, which won two awards and has been optioned by Serendipity Films in the United Kingdom (dir. Jonathan Newman).

Melva McLean, Co-Writer, Feature Screenplay: Dragonfly


ALL Feature Screenplays, up to 120 pages : $200.00

Please ask for a quote if your script exceeds the above page count.

Short Screenplays, Synopses and Treatments: Please email with details, including page count,  and type of script (for Treatments and Synopses) for a price quote.

Available as a writer for hire for feature screenplays and pitch packages.

Payment must be received before notes are delivered; cash, cheque and e-transfer accepted.




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