I created a one day workshop called Introduction to Screewriting for Raindance Vancouver and now I’m taking it to Zoom and an online version is available.  It’s designed to provide attendees with the practical tools of screenwriting, with an over-view of the components of a story, the tips and tricks of screenwriting, and the rules that govern the spec screenplay format. Feedback can be found below.


This workshop is focused on the meat and potatoes of the process of creating a Spec Script. Discussion points include scene direction, character introduction, scene construction, the four acts of the three act structure, and networking and online resources.


This is a super fun and inclusive course – I recommend it! Even if you don’t think you’re a screenwriter, it’s a fun and supportive environment to see what you can come up with.

— H. Hawthorn Doyle: TV Director (29 credits)

Michelle, your passion for screenwriting shines through and is infectious. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us… This workshop has been so useful and I’ve been left wanting more.

— Z. Pacheva: Story Editor (writer), CBC’s Strays and Kim’s Convenience (2021)

ACTORS: we go through countless film acting classes and spend hundreds of dollars to understand how to read a film script and how to fit ourselves into the storytelling. Put a pause on those classes and pick up this one. I have consistently been told that my work has changed dramatically since. Sometimes all it takes is putting yourself in the writers’ chair to understand what’s being asked of you, and Michelle’s class did that for me.

— V. Urquhart: Actor

Michelle’s style is practical, to the point, and current. I can say I learned more about screenwriting in two days than a year in film school.

— C. M. Sampang: Writer

Actors! Zoom into this screenwriting workshop to understand how a script is written. Michelle’s course will give you a deeper appreciation for the writers’ words, and a better understanding of what they are trying to convey. It will certainly help you with your audition process.

— S. Janze: Actor

Michelle Muldoon’s Workshop was just the inspiration I needed. it got me out of my writer’s slump, reinforced my knowledge and left me feeling capable and ready to write!

— J. Bruns: Writer/Director, Actor

Passionate, informative, organized, inclusive, clear, concise and captivating. Great communication, interaction, discussion and ability to field all kinds of questions while keeping the class on track. So glad I took this class. A wealth of information.

— M.E. Bond: 2nd Assistant Director, Location Scout

Michelle Muldoon taught us great foundations to embark on our script writing journey. I highly recommend attending this Raindance event and follow Michelle ~ you’ll be blessed.

— Z. Schultz: Author

Thank you for making the process so clean and specific. I loved the examples of “real” films to help understand certain concepts better. Your energy and positivity were contagious.

— T. Gillis: Actor

What an amazing workshop! Michelle is such a fountain of information. She makes the class fun and puts you at ease with her warm and friendly personality. It was great to see how our writing changed from the start of the class to the finish.”

— J. Hope: Actor

The instructor Michelle was very informative and engaging. The information was concise & clear leaving very little room for any follow up questions. I would definitely recommend the course to new as well as experienced writers.

–P. Wong: Writer

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