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Last Stand to Nowhere Poster

Felice House is most famous for her Re-Western Art Exhibit and her ability to bring real women to life on canvas in some of the most iconic roles in Western Film.  We could not be more grateful to Felice for agreeing to bring our set images to life on our poster for Last Stand to Nowhere.

The poster is inspired by the poster for the 1957 Gunfight at the OK Corral starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Felice used set photographs from Mavreen David and Michelle Lamberson to inspire the final poster you see today. The lettering was created by hand by fellow Austin artist, Ken Manthei, and Isabelle Swiderski of Vancouver-based Seven25 handled the typography.

The poster represents the efforts of so many individuals, and truly represents my belief that women in roles other than Saloon Prostitute and Chaste Farm Wife makes is what will help catapult Westerns into a more prominent position in the twenty-first century.

The Western has become a sort of modern mythology and like most mythologies, women have been an afterthought. Hopefully, our project can prove that change in how we tell Westerns would be a good thing.

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Last Stand to Nowhere Festival Update

What a month for festival acceptances this has been. On the heels of Last Stand to Nowhere‘s acceptance to the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, we received news that we received an official selection status for the first quarter with the Genre Celebration Festival in Tokyo. The film also garnered nominations for Best Western Short and Best Actress for Julie Lynn Mortensen. A week after that, we received word that Last Stand will be screening at the Bechdel Film Festival in Akron, Ohio.

Regarding Artemis, we’ve got great news. We’ve received two screening times. We screen on Saturday, April 27th at 4:15 and April 28th at 4:20. They must like us!

If this his how March is going to run, I’m excited to see what the rest of the spring and summer will look like.

Posted by: michellemuldoon | February 27, 2019

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

Last Stand to Nowhere has received its first film festival acceptance. What’s even more exciting is that it was also the first response due on our submission list.  We’re all hoping this is the sign of a good festival run to follow.

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival is the perfect festival for us. It’s a festival that celebrates female action and empowerment films. You could say, they are “our people”. The festival takes place from April 25 – 28th inclusive. We haven’t received our screening time and date yet, but will post as soon as we receive it.

If you’re in Los Angeles, and in the Santa Monica area in particular, I hope you’ll come out and support the festival, and our film.

Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 4, 2019

Last Stand to Nowhere Teaser

We made a Western Film and we did it with a community of donors and sponsors who trusted and supported us to make Last Stand to Nowhere happen. As a filmmaker I have never experienced that level of kindness and generosity before. And I will forever be grateful for it.

To our crowdfunders and social media community, thank you for everything you have done. To our sponsors — Thunderbird Fast Draw Club, Orchard Film Studios, Stetson, Legacy Liquor Store, Sharpe Sound Studios, Encore Post and Matrix Production Services — a huge thank you. Independent Film doesn’t happen without the support of members of the film community and businesses that support the arts. You have been our heroes.

Please check out our Teaser for the project and stay tuned for updates as our festival run develops.


Posted by: michellemuldoon | July 9, 2018

Ms. In the Biz

Photo by Mavreen David Photography

Last Stand to Nowhere is currently in post-production.  While we are slowly inching towards finishing the film, I’m proud to share my first interview of this phase in production courtesy of Ms In The Biz.

I had the chance to discuss the film and why I chose to make it with actor/writer Taylor Hastings.

Taylor made the interview an easy discussion, and I am most appreciative of that. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about your project, but when your passionate about it, and the interviewer knows how to navigate that passion, it becomes an easy experience.

My thanks to Taylor and to Ms In the Biz for the wonderful article and experience.

Last Stand to Nowhere Ms In The Biz Interview.

Photo by WendyD Photography

Posted by: michellemuldoon | May 21, 2018

Westerns Rule

Or should I say, women in westerns rule. I know it’s been a long time since I blogged, but I was distracted. Who knew that this particular distraction would take a year and a half of my life before the camera would roll. I’m not sure if LAST STAND TO NOWHERE has been a passion or an obsession, but either way it resulted to four days in Pitt Meadows, BC with some of the most inspiring, kind, generous, talented, decent humans I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

Clantons Shack Lamberson

Photo by Michelle Lamberson

As long as it took to get to this stage, the speed at which it moved from December 2017 on was exhilarating. Joining the already established cast of Maja Aro, Frances Flanagan, Chelah Horsdal, Jenn MacLean-Angus, Julie Lynn Mortensen, and Johannah Newmarch were Catherine Lonsdale, Luvia Petersen and Sadie Silcock. Lini Evans came on at the eleventh hour to make our saloon complete with a saloon singer.

For three days our cast endured high heat in heavy clothing to make something special. The generous souls of the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club provided instruction and gun wrangling services so that our showdown would look as it should.

The camaraderie on set was astounding. The amount of people I have to thank has been extensive and I’ve spent the last two weeks on the Last Stand to Nowhere social media channels making sure I did so.  You are all brilliant!

This is what I’ve learned from the people on the shoot, and from the shoot itself:

  • Women want this kind of content. We all want this. Why? Because media is not satisfying the market. To paraphrase one woman on Facebook, Godless gave us one glorious episode. It’s time for change.
  • When we all come to a project because we believe in it, the experience can be transcendent. It’s been two weeks, and I’m still hearing from cast and crew how special the shoot was.
  • Patience is beautiful and don’t forget to breathe. Eight years ago I discovered that the saying, Patience is a Virtue, was not the correct translation of the ancient Arab proverb. The correct one is, Patience is Beautiful. And in hot weather on long days, I learned to take a deep breath and remember to keep it beautiful.
  • Vancouver will step to the plate when you need them. My thanks are eternal to our sponsors Matrix Production Services, Thunderbird Fast Draw Club, and Orchard Film Studios because without them, we wouldn’t have a film. I would also like to thanks Golden Eagles Farms and Renee Bella. Without them, we would never have been able to afford a location. These people made film happen. Let me say this again, these people made film happen!
  • Anything is possible when you have a producing team like we had; Maja Aro, Victoria Angell, Frances Flanagan, and Shannon Kaplun. When I was at my most stressed, or vexed, or impatient, they were there; unwavering, kind, patient, supportive.

We are now looking to get our huge 8K files transcoded and into the editing suite. From there, the list of things that needs to get done is staggering, but that’s okay. We have footage in the can, and that footage looks glorious.


Photo by Mavreen David


Posted by: michellemuldoon | January 3, 2018

Scottish Independent Film Festival

What a fabulous way to start the new year. My thanks to everyone at the Scottish Independent Film Festival for recognizing Birthday Blues with a Special Commendation for Best Scottish Screenplay.

I’m Scottish born, as is my father, and it means a great deal to be recognized by the land of my birth.

I hope to submit to the festival again next year, and hopefully, make the trek across the pond and meet the wonderful people behind the festival.

Birthday Blues Logline:
Deep-seeded family secrets bubble to the surface in quiet, creepy suburbia when the focus of a birthday party is found face down in his own backyard pool.

Posted by: michellemuldoon | September 7, 2017

Oaxaca Film Festival

My thanks to the Oaxaca Film Festival for recognizing The Baby Pool with an official selection to the 2017 festival as well as a nomination for the Connection Award.


Posted by: michellemuldoon | June 30, 2017

Last Stand Needs A Crowd

Making a film is always an ambitious act of creativity, but making a genre film, like a Western, is an ambitious act on steroids.

What makes a genre film so much tougher are the necessities like costumes, guns, bullets, safety personnel, a horse, and set decor. All these are issues on a regular film, but with genre you can’t rely on what you have or what’s in your cast’s closet. Genre is all about world building because the world does not exist around you.

We’re on Day 4 of our LAST STAND TO NOWHERE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN. If you haven’t been through this process then let me tell you it’s tough. It’s tough asking people for money. It stretches your networking skills. It pushes your resiliency. All these lessons and I’m not even a week in.

Am I complaining? No. What I see in what we’ve accomplished so far is incredible generosity, kindness and, in the case of the fan art we’ve already received, incredible creativity.

It also reinforces exactly how much I want to make this film. It clarifies my vision for my characters and what I want for my team. And most of all, it has forced me beyond my comfort zone; past the self-financed, small crew mentality I’ve had and into one that dares to dream bigger and in technicolour.

I coached Senior Girls High School Volleyball for years and I always used to tell my teams that they needed to break their comfort zone and dare to find the greatness within; that comfort never equaled growth or the journey that would result in achieving their goals.

With Last Stand to Nowhere I’m breaking my comfort zone. I’m daring to create something on a grander scale. I have a dream that this is a stepping stone to something that exceeds the space it currently exists in.

When you give voice to a dream, it becomes a goal. Some incredibly talented people have joined the journey to make this goal happen. There’s more than enough room for you, too.

Please take a stand with us.. and support Last Stand to Nowhere.





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Last Stand to Nowhere Update

Last Stand to Nowhere

(Jenn MacLean-Angus, Chelah Horsdal, Julie Lynn Mortensen as photographed by WendyD Photography)

It has been a while since I’ve blogged but as things are moving along, I thought it was time to share what the Last Stand Team has been up to.

We are now up and running on three social media platforms:

We’ve applied for financing through BravoFact and the Telus 100K program and this week, we will be on Indiegogo to crowdfund the film as well. There is no guarantees with funding agencies. The competition is tough so crowdfunding is absolutely necessary. It’s actually built into the budget for the funding agencies. We want to show them that we can partner to make top notch content.

Why go to all the trouble when we could just as easily make something less intricate? The answer is simple; Wonder Woman. If you follow me on twitter and instagram you’ve probably already noticed I love the latest incarnation of the Amazon Princess. It’s bold, strong, clear in its message and unapologetic about the power of the main character.  Wonder Woman is not clouded in romance, or having to prop up the male sidekick. (He does that very well on his own, thank you.) People are loving it, and I believe they will also love the women of Last Stand to Nowhere.

I hope you’ll follow us on our journey and see enough to convince you this is a project worthy of your support.

Our cast is stellar. Our crew is first class. And most of all, our timing is now.




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